Rules of Engagement

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Rules of Engagement

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:46 am

This is a fun forum for us to post our fan-fiction recs in.

I will tolerate strong deliberation and curse words, I will not tolerate out and out hate, bashing, bullying, or just being plan mean. You will respect your fellows that are on here and have their own opinion on matters. I do not want people to feel as if they are being monitored 24/7 but I will be on here often and will take reports very seriously and will respond as soon as possible. Please be mindful of yourself, if you feel as if a discussion is making you uncomfortable please leave the discussion and do not keep being involved in it.

I will ban you if: You continue to be in a discussion that makes you uncomfortable and you keep on remarking about it; You are hating, bashing, bullying, harassing, or just being plan mean to anyone; You are being disrespectful to others beliefs, life styles, or orientations.

The first ban will be 24 hours the second ban will be for one week and the third ban will be for life. But if the offense is severe enough you will be banned for life no matter which number offense it is. Please also remember that this is my forum to admin as I see fit. If you report someone and I do not agree with you or do not think that the offense is bad enough for a ban respect my decision. If you start talking about it being disrespectful to me and others I will ban you for life.


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