Lullaby 'Verse by etiole_etiolee

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Lullaby 'Verse by etiole_etiolee

Post by CharlieD on Tue Nov 03, 2015 2:34 pm

Lullaby Verse by etoile_etiolee

a.Hunter’s Lullaby: 93,418 words| AU from the last minutes of 3.16. An encounter with a witch leaves Dean in a disturbing predicament. The relationship he shared with his brother will be put to a test, and everything he thought he could control in his life will be changed forever.  

b.A Matter of Life and Death…Sort of (According to Dean anyway): 7,989 words| A baby’s first illness.  

c.Home: 7,507 words| Their daughter is almost six months old and Sam and Dean have been living a peaceful, uneventful life since she’s been born. Can this be enough for Dean?  

d.The Huntress: 100,757 words| This time, Sam and Dean thought they knew what they were in for, but this pregnancy quickly becomes much more complicated than the first one. Dealing with incomprehensible symptoms, taking care of Sumiko and seeking answers, they’ll have to face something that will jeopardize their uiet and domestic life.

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